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Federico B.

Tech Manager at Nielsen

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My studies and my interests in Information and communications technology, Computer science, Social Networking and Web have been become my job.

I Work in team (a predisposition for it) or as a freelancer (inventing and realizing) to create websites, web services, web or mobile applications using html 4-5, css 2-3, javascript (also jquery + other libs), xml, json, php, ruby (on Rails), jsp, asp, mysql, slqlite, git, svn, windows, mac, linux.

I'm always studying, learning and looking for new technologies, new ideas and possibilities.

Now I'm looking for collaborations/partners for several startups.

- Summary -
Websites creation
Software programmation
Ict analysis
Apps creation
New startups
Historia laboral
* Nielsen Company (www.nielsen.com) (Information Services)

* Schaffhauser LTD (Internet)

* WebHabitus.com (Internet)

* Bflab (Graphic Design): web designer and web developer

* HTML.it (Information Technology and Services) [from 2012]

* Headwalk Germany GmbH (www.headwalk.com) (Information Technology and Services) [from 5/2012]

* PC Academy (Education Management) [from 2012]

* Reply / Armando Testa - Bitmama - www.bitmama.it (Marketing and Advertising) [from 1/2012]: web developer

* Mozart spa (Information Technology and Services) [from 10/2009]

* blur Group (Marketing and Advertising) [from 9/2008]

* Noam Design (Information Technology and Services) [from 8/2008]

* Torelli Brand Building (Marketing and Advertising) [from 9/2007]

* Zubic (Information Services) [from 6/2007]: Multimedia Designer

* BrandFactory (Information Services) [from 2006]: account manager

* Alias2k (Information Services) [from 2004]: web designer

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