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Emilio R.

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Sobre mí
My name is Emilio Riquelme, I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I work as a CG animator for game and audiovisual proyects.
Historia laboral
* Banda Aparte: Position: CG generalist
* Keep character's appeal.
* Make the story believable and funny through animation.
* Reaches deadlines within director's objetives.

* Character production.
* Rigging.
* Staging.
* Animation.
* Lighting.
* Render.

* Freelancer: I handle modelling, skinning, rigging and animation of characters for audiovisual and game projects.

* After Ice: I am in charge of technical direction of animation for the phyrnosian character. I have the responsability of solving player-character animation experience during gameplay.

The main tasks I am involved are:
* Design of a skeleton structure that suit the character.
* Design of a rig system for body and facial movements.
* Animation of clips.
* Tweaking of game engine parameters.
* Corrections.

* Psyco Bear Studios: Position: Game artist.

* Keep the good looking of assets (characters, props and backgrounds).
* Design enviroment for specific games.

* Character production and tweaking.
* General animation.
* Level/scenaries production and tweaking.
* Unity 3D setting parameters.

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