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Freelancer Diego B.

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Argentina Diego B. Hace 4 años

Desarrollo de base de datos en Mongodb
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I've been developing software solutions for 20 years and I have to say I'm every single day more interested on technology. I worked in computers since my early 17's with super old tools like plain C and Quick Basic and I learned every new technology focused 2/3 of the time in Microsoft tools. Lately I started working in Big Data and it's my big passion now, it's a field where many things are there waiting for us to be discovered. I love maths and Big Data is the future for me.

Specialties: .Net development, Windows development, Datawarehouse, databases, Object oriented design and developing, rad, rup, UML, design patterns, Ajax, Python, NodeJs, MongoDB, non-SQL databases, Hadoop, NumPy and Bayesian computing
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* Kooggis (Computer Software): Big Data, using Python, NumPy, Statistics and probability, Flask, Django, MongoDB, NodeJs

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