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Teacher of French at IESIG

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I am passionate about languages and I work fast. I always respect deadlines.

The advantage with me is that I can translate from English, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian into French and Spanish as I have a C2 level in Spanish after living 8 years in Spain.
Historia laboral
* IESIG: Teaching French to foreign learner living in France since recently

* Brittish Ministry of Defense: French teacher and assessor for the MOD courses. Of a duration of 4 days or 9 days with one day of exam at the end.

Purposes of the course: basic survival course, aimed to the army.

* La petite école: I teach to bilingual kids who one of their parents is a native French speaker. I have to build up their confidence and vocabulary through the imagination.

Lessons on Tuesday and Saturday morning, for 2h00.

* Edinburgh Academy: Assist french teacher with the speaking for the national exams for the Junior school

* Action group: I help disabled children and young adult in their life and their daily routine. The purpose is to help them to be independant and to feel more confident to socialise. I participated in young groups on the Sundays with young children. During the day, activities like cooking or gooing to the park or the museum are organised.

The work includes sleepovers as well.

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