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About me
A highly efficient and  software engineer with a comprehensive understanding of design processes, with experience in all the design stages of a product, including research, development, scalability and manufacture right through to installation and final commissioning.
Keen to find a challenging and suitable engineering position in an enthusiastic company that offers opportunities for career for software development.
Work history
Software Engineer, Funler
San Francisco, California — 2014-Present
Designing an e-learning platform where parents can set rewards to kids according to their effort.

* Designed back-end server on Node.js and Android App.
* Improve Android app load time 20% using rank algorithm.

Software Engineer, 50Cubes
San Francisco, California — 2012-2014
Worked with other engineers to create much-needed changes for a leading social and mobile game company on the back-end infrastructure.

* Created sophisticated and efficient back-end solutions for a large-scale and on-demand ad system.
* Designed API for an ad system to work with Facebook games.
* Eliminated cost overruns and delays for 3 projects on 15%
* Served as a technical resource and mentor for a team of 6 engineers.
* Created QA team to make end-to-end testing and measure performance.

Software Developer, InvGate
Buenos Aires, Argentina -- 2009-2012
Designed and worked InvGate Assets, a suite of intelligent solutions to manage change and maximize the use of resources to make IT decisions.


* Created basic modules to discover the status of IT infraestrurcture across all organization.
* Designed real-time alert system based software changes on thousands of clients.
* Migrated Assets to Cloud.
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