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"Excelente profissional, atencioso e detalhista na execução dos trabalhos. Recomento a todos."

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Freelancer ANTONIO P.

"Muito bom profissional, comprometido e cumpri sempre os prazos."

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Freelancer ANTONIO P.

"Excelente profissional, cumpriu todos os prazos determinados."

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Senior developer

More than 15 years on IT, I had been working with many technologies since then, now I'm focused on Java for backend and HTML5/JS for frontend. I've been working with AngularJS and Spring system based. I'm pretty interested on research new technologies and experiment something new. I would be probably trying something new or thinking about improve some process on my free time. I'm kind a lazy for repetitive work, so I really like to automate stuff. Also I like to be challenged so give me a task to test my limit.

I have experience working on a legacy system, when there's some old technology that needs to be adapted in order to keep the compatibility with new products.

I have experience using Unix based systems, Linux and MacOS mainly, but also Windows sometimes.

Also an Agile enthusiast, I really like to use agile methodologies, mostly I've been working with Kanban, but also I'd worked with Scrum (acting as a Scrum Master for some time)

On my free time at the "real world"​ I like to practice some sport. I like to practice cycling. I have an amateur cycling team with some friends and we use to participate on local championship
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* ADP (Human Resources)
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