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As a devoted change agent I strongly believe in the need of all social groups (from local communities and firms, to whole nations and beyond) to adopt and build the necessary capacities to stay abreast of ever changing demands of the global society.

As an entrepreneur, I profess total confidence in the people that accompany me as peers and partners in a creative and uncertain journey. Success and excellence can be the only outcome of a long and strenuous process conducted by people bonded by mutual respect, trust and engagement.

I strongly believe that organizations must perform on the basis of known principles and be faithful to them at every single moment. They must be driven by inspiring purposes, capable of motivating and engaging its workforce; purposes that must transcend the aspirations of any individuality and be focused on the collective social good.

“Employees first, customers second, stock holders third” - Gary Hamel

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Mass consumption industry professional with over 13 years of solid experience inside top class companies with proven numerical results. Strengths on commercial strategy development, team building, talent management, promotional planning, business innovation and execution.

Specialties: Commercial strategy development, business planning, in-store promotional development, in-store execution basis definition, negotiation.

Languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese & Italian (basic).
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* UCAB - Universidad Católica Andrés Bello (Education Management): Professor at UCAB for the Trade Marketing subject.

* Eureka A. C. (Management Consulting):

* Pixales - Enjoy shopping! (Management Consulting)

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