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About me
Yan Rodrigues
27 years old, married, two dogs and no children.  I live in the beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro
Graphic artist, autodidact and multiplexed. I am creative, photographer, illustrator, videographer, videografista, colorist, editor, director, writer, musician, multi-instrumentalist, producer, post-producer and entrepreneur.
In these 10 years experience, i've evolved in the area digital, visual and conceptual. Acquiring attributes, knowledge and especially putting into practice.

I am currently a manager in the department of motion graphics wTVision in Brazil.
In 2012, I created projects in real time BroadCast Graphics  On Air for the main categories of domestic and international motorsport as: Gran Turismo GT, Mercedes Benz Grand Challenge, Porsche Cup, Stock Car.

In the first operation of the Canal Fox Sport in Brazil, I was part of the implementation team of the channel. Integration of graphical models made of 4 different studio programs this channel: Fox Sports Show, Fox Central, Fox and Fox Stop Range. Later, I made the creation of an augmented reality project for South American Cup.

I worked for agencies, production companies, studios market as name: AG3, Senior Advertising, Vox Brazil, MGil, Artephoto Studio (Mauro Risch), Banana Films, Tec Design, Layout Brazil, Rio Branco Productions, Duetto Brazil, Digital Video, among others as a freelance.
Work history
WTVision – Project Management
Banana Filmes – Director Photography
Media Set - Graphic Design
AG3 - Art Direction
Quantics Web - Network Manager
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