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About me
I was born and raised in Brazil and in May 2012 I decided to start a brand new life in Europe. Nowadays I'm based in Berlin, where I work as a freelancer. I have many abilities and I never cool down. I am always searching for improvement and new areas to work with. Please, visit my website to learn much more about me and my work: - I'm sure you will find exactly what you need. ;)
Work history
When I was 16 years old I started to work in a company called BBN Brasil. It's an advertising agency focused in Branding. And I remained there until I packed my bags and moved to Europe. During this experience I worked most of my time as a Graphic Designer, but the company enjoyed the fact that I am so flexible and used my abilities in Video Edition, Writing and Social Medias. My last 3 years in the company I was working as an Internet Manager and I was responsible for the clients' websites and Social Medias.

During this period I also got a small client in Brazil. This company's name is Saude Service and they are on the financial market. By the time they had not enough budget to pay for an agency Fees, so they hired me to take care of their Marketing. So I did: design, planning and strategy. For three years I helped them out and they helped me out.

Also in Brazil I developed a magazine for a Wine Club. And for this job I made almost it all: photos, texts, design. It's my life baby!

In Germany I worked in a small company called globe-M (yes, small "g"). My former boss wanted to relaunch the website with new features and on, so I worked on writing planning Strategic Planning, picking the Marketign Tools and developing the Marketing Actions. In the end was a really complicated boss, very instable and I was not happy at all. So, since October 2012 I decided to start making freelancer until I could speak really good German.

So, nowadays I write for blogs, I make photos (with a Nikon D7000), develop websites and edit videos.

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