Pablo V.

Web Developer en Alexa Corporacion

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During my career I try to learn as much as possible so I can improve my skills and perform my job better.

Every project and every task i see it as a challenge so in this way I can give the best of me.
Historia laboral
* Alexa Corporacion (Apparel & Fashion): Developing Apps on Facebook.

Maintenance and management of the company's site.

User Interface Programming

Technologies: PHP, MySQL, CSS, HTML, XHTML, JQuery, JavaScript

* Tata Consultancy Services (Information Technology and Services) [desde 9/2012]: Front End programming taking care about accessibility so people who cannot see or use a mous can browse throu the site.
Technologies:  PHP/MySQL, Flash ActionScript, CSS, XHTML, Javascript, JavaScript/JQuery and Javascript/YUI

* collinscom (Marketing and Advertising) [desde 5/2011]: Web development and mainteinance of sites of different clients
Technologies: PHP/MySQL, Flash ActionScript, CSS, XHTML, Javascript and JavaScript/JQuery

* Universidad de Guadalajara (E-Learning) [desde 1/2010]: Web development
Technologies: PHP/MySQL, Flash ActionScript, CSS, XHTML, Moodle, Drupal, Javascript, JavaScript/JQuery and Javascript/Mootools
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