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I was introduced to computers in the late 80s, and have been learning about software and computing since then.

I have 15+ years of professional experience in the technology industry, ranging from developing simple frontends to legacy data to Java Enterprise Applications, then on the design and deployment of scalable web applications, including relational and non-relational database modelling and performance tuning.

I've written my first commercial program in 1996 (a simple interface for capturing images using microsoft's video SDK), it ran until the early 2000s, when it was ported to Java (JMF). In 2012, this same system has been ported to a service oriented architecture, using HTML5 for the user interface and video capture, it will probably stand for ten more years.
I also designed and deployed a hosting platform in 1999, first with local servers on a fiber connection, in 2003 is was migrated to Linode, then to The Planet (which later became Softlayer). It is still alive today on a distributed architecture backed by Amazon Web Services (EC2/S3/RDS/ELB)

I'm interested in distributed architectures and product engineering.
Historia laboral
I currently do consulting work through my company Bravado founded in 2010, which provides consulting in Big Data processing, scalable architectures, caching strategies for high-load websites, search and distributed application development.
Most of our tools are open source and available at
My project highlights include

    Paypal's worldwide campaign with Neymar Jr and Waves 4 Water. I was responsible for the backend programming and internationalization infrastructure.
    Paypal Brasil "Where to buy" page, built the product catalog/admin panel using the codeigniter framework
    São Paulo Cycling Federation signup system, built using the Yii framework.
    Local fashion magazine, developed the wordpress theme and a custom plugins for gallery and ad management.
    Local sports club, I'm responsible for the backend development and hosting infrastructure.
    In 2012 I helped defining new content guidelines and migrated the site to wordpress.
    Worked closely with UOL to scrape, standarize and process the data from all elections, including all candidates from all cities and on exporting them through web services.

Open source contributions
  * Objectiveweb
    Objectiveweb allows a developer to define simple data domains and access them using a REST interface. The backend takes care of authorizing the request and data retrieval or persisting the data to multiple SQL tables.
    I've defined the architecture and implemented the backend code reusing open source libraries.
  * Metaproject
    The project aims to be a thin layer between the data (provided by a REST service) and the user interface. I was responsible for the library research, design and implementation. Documentation is currently available as a web application on

Previous Jobs

Senior Consultant at 7COMm
6/2013 to 12/2013

Worked on the deployment of the General Pricing System at BM&F Bovespa (Brazil's largest stock exchange), including
* Java Development (Spring MVC, Security; Apache Tomcat)
* Dependency management with Maven, JUnit tests, Continuous Integration (Bamboo)
* Tibco Rendezvous and Streambase for complex event processing
* Deployment scripts on RHEL5.x Servers* Oracle DB

Solutions Architect at Prosoma Informatica ltda
3/2003 to 4/2010

As a business partner, I was the lead project analyst, developer and coordinator for
* Automation/Access control systems for Clube Atlletico Juventus, Telvent, Centrovias
* Memoria, a JavaEE museum collection manager based on the ISO21127/2006 (CIDOC-CRM) standard implemented at Museu de Santo Andre (Sao Paulo/Brazil)
* Ymidia digital solution, An indoor media distribution system with linux-based displays
* Several outsourced projects, mostly web-based and hosted on our servers

I also deployed further iterations of the company's hosting platform, from local servers on a fiber connection to Linode, then to The Planet (which later became Softlayer).

Developer at Prosoma Processamento de Dados
5/1998 to 3/2003

During this time frame I was responsible for developing graphical interfaces for legacy systems, and later porting some of those interfaces to the web, which also included working with COBOL code and administering Netware 3.11/4 servers.I was also involved in setting up the company's internet connectivity, which included dealing with providers (Pegasus/Telemar, now Oi Telecom), setting up routers and access rules. This experience brought me closer to the open source community, which later led to migrating NT4 servers to Linux, and ASP applications to PHP.

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