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Passionate software practitioner involved in variety of languages and frameworks with several years of experience and responsibility. Putting special attention at architecture aspects as performance, security and scalability. Always eager to confront new technologies and surpass myself. Achieved a master's degree but always learning. Fond of agile methodologies, planning and estimations. Currently excelling at leading and communication skills. Loves to teach and help colleagues.
Historia laboral
UNO Medios (Telecommunications) ////
Various tasks regarding management and development of websites.

    R/GA (Marketing and Advertising) // - desde 2/2012//
Technical Leader in Java related technologies at R/GA Buenos Aires branch. Specialist in Adobe CQ5 software.

    JavaBlackBelt (Information Technology and Services) // - desde 6/2011//
Teaching and coaching to students that want to learn or strengthen their Java knowledge.!User/lukiano

    Clarin (Newspapers) // - desde 3/2011//
Team leader and Principal developer on website using the JavaEE stack running on JBoss EAP, connected to an Oracle database. Managed a team of graphic designers, developers and testers. Project’s schedule and estimation is done using Microsoft Project and JIRA as issue tracker. Meetings with marketing; interviewed new hires. Planning in-place website advertising. Collaboration with the infrastructure team for production deployment. Website analysis: unique visitors, opened sessions, CPU and memory inspections on Jboss cluster of servers and Oracle shard.

    Dridco (Internet) // - desde 3/2010//
Worked on a project that involved the migration of a Web site from ASP to Java, helping a team of 4 people and collaborating on the system’s design. Project estimation, management and documentation, based on agile methodologies; requirements analysis. Using Spring Framework (DI, MVC and Servlets), Hibernate, Maven, and Tomcat. In the frontend, Freemarker, JavaScript, CSS and HTML. Optimized a Lucene-based search used to obtain the domain entities. Implemented Single-Sign On with Spring Security and CAS. New functionality was developed using Web Services. NET, with Visual Studio as IDE and changes to the ASP frontend running on IIS. Involved in training courses on the developer's juniors, both Java and SQL.

    SpinVox (Telecommunications) // - desde 7/2009//
Developer on a Java Application that uses JavaMail and Web Services. Analysis of different Java Web Services implementations. Using NetBeans as IDE, Apache Ivy to manage dependencies, Spring Framework 2.5, Spring Web Services and Concurrency control. CouchDB for persistence and Agile methodologies for process management.

    Globant (Information Technology and Services) // - desde 7/2009//
Worked as a Java Software developer with Agile methodologies

    Sabre Holdings (Information Technology and Services) // - desde 5/2009//
Estimation and building of new features, bug fixing and testing for the GetThere project at Sabre Holdings Company. Mettings with the customer. Use of Agile methodologies. Lead Developer on the redesign of the hotel reservation system product. The testings are made with Junit and Fitnesse. Used Clearcase for version control and numbering of the different versions. The technologies include as an application server Jboss, Struts, Spring and Tomcat, Ant and Maven for compilation and deployment, and a work environment based on Eclipse.

    Freelance (Computer Software) // - desde 1/2009//
Page Layout for a rental real estate, Apache Web Server, PHP and MySQL as database engine. Costs and time estimations. Emphasis on design simplicity and security to prevent external attacks.

    Universidad de Buenos Aires (Higher Education) // - desde 12/2008//
Assistant at the databases course in the Computer Sciences career. Teaching subjects as Entity-Relationship diagrams, Relational Algebra, SQL, Schema refinement, Query optimizations and transactions. Also worked with Mushroom, a java-based dmbs which goal is to use it to teach dmbs engine internals. It is focused on query optimizations.

    Universidad de Buenos Aires (Higher Education) // - desde 12/2008//
Study of the impact of the Climate Change in La Plata Basin. Analysis of drought produced in Argentina between 1959 and 2005; search for data entry errors in SMN database (unusually long droughts or high amounts of precipitation). Statistical analysis held using distributions and correlation methods, built in Java. Use of Matlab package and neural networks to compare and classify world-wide precipitation prediction models.

    Universidad de Buenos Aires (Higher Education) // - desde 5/2007//
The purpose of this work was to provide a functional DBMS (which we named as Kanon) with academic purposes. It was focused on showing transaction management and concurrency using pessimistic locking. For recovery and logging, the ARIES family of algorithms were implemented and showed during database execution. It was built in Java 5, with javadocs and paper documentation. Design patterns were used for code and architecture clarity. Additional support for nested transactions and savepoints was implemented as well.

    Novamens S.A. (Computer Software) // - desde 11/2006//
Design, development and testing of a Content Management System (Named Kbee), built in Java. It was the company's main project and after a year I became one of its main developers, having responsibility for core responsiveness and stability. Testing was done with JUnit. CMS repository was backed up by a DBMS (mainly PostgreSQL) and enterprise's own transactional file system which I also contribute for. Transactions were managed by a JTA Monitor (JOTM). Web services were provided by Jetty; Security was made using JAAS compliant authentication (against LDAP or Active Directory), and single-sign-on with NTLM. Several Design Patterns were used to maintain code and architecture clarity. Ant and Maven were used for deployment and the Spring Framework for configuration and dependency injection. Another technologies include Quartz Scheduler, Apache POI, several Commons libraries and Lucene.

    Caiman Co. (Computer Software) // - desde 11/2001//
Developed small commercial programs using Visual Basic 6.0. They were very visually oriented, with friendly GUIs, as were intended to family users and children.

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