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Miguel G.

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Senior Developer with 10 years of experience developing different kind of web applications. Great experience in backend applications and performance tuning. 
During his experience he has been involved into analysis, design, domain modeling, implementation, architecture definition, technology research and effort estimation.

Specialties: Distributed enterprise applications with .Net technology stack.
Historia laboral
Senior Software Developer / DevOps at Leapfactor
mayo de 2014 - Present
He has worked in development of a highly scalable cloud service platform using .Net Stack, NoSQL
databases, distributed systems using the CQRS and microservices pattern, also, he's developed and improved
consoles web admin application.
He was also involved in projects related to airlines, mobile payment and mobile sale force.
Languages: C#, javascript, groovy(webhooks)
Technologies and frameworks: ASP.NET Core MVC, RabbitMQ, SignalR, ServiceStack, Webpack, NodeJS
Web frameworks: AngularJS, BacknboneJS, JQuery.
NoSQL Databases like RavenDB, getEventStore and ElasticSearch
DevOps Tools: Docker (swarm mode), Jenkins, Logstash
Dev Tools: Git

.Net Senior Developer at Globant
febrero de 2012 - abril de 2014 (2 años 3 meses)
• Coca-Cola: Responsible to migrate a web application from Ext3js to Ext4js. Worked with ASP.NET, SQL
Server, jQuery, JS, Ext4.
• DCP:Deloitte: Perform Unit testing and bug fixing. Work with NET 4.0, Scrum, MSTest, TFS
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• PRN: Responsible in the development new features, fixing bugs. Worked with ASP.NET, Jquery, MSSQL.
• Tenaris: (UIM/CCR) Responsible in the development the Web and Silverlight App. Worked with WCF,
Oracle, NHibernate, JQuery,KnockoutJS, ASP.NET MVC3, Silverlight 4, NInject, Rhino Mock, NUnit and
• AON France Product Parameter. Responsible in the development of an API services.
Worked with WCF, ADO.NET, XML, XSLT.
• AON Phoenix. Developed and maintained a web application for an insurance broker.
Worked with ASP.NET MVP, NHibernate, JQuery.
• Deloitte USA TPMT 2.9. Responsible in the implementation of new features.
Worked with ASP.NET MVP, JQuery.
Developer at TeraCode
enero de 2010 - febrero de 2012 (2 años 2 meses)
• Diebold. Responsible in the development of services to get information from security devices.
Worked with NHibernate 3.2, ASP.NET MVC3, Ninject, xUnit, JQuery, REST, JSON and agile
• Emerge212 (http://emerge212.com). Leader and responsible to complete the shopping cart and minor issues
related to the look and feel.
This project involved the use of different technologies such as ASP.Net, C#, SQL Server 2000, HTML, CSS,
Web Services, XML.
• Gettatable (http://www.facebook.com/gettatable). Worked in bug fixing and improvements.
Technologies used: c#, ASP.NET MVC3, NHibernate, NInject, JQuery, API Facebook, oAuth, Fluent
Migrator, Ruby, NUnit, Cassette, AutoMapper, BackBone.js, log4net, moq, Quartz, SQLite, SQLServer
2008, REST, JSON and agile methodologies.
• KTango (http://www.ktango.com/). Worked on the development of a Silverlight web based application with
multiple WCF services to provide integration with mobile applications
Worked with several technologies in the team, such as Silverlight, WCF, REST, JSON, nHibernate, Fluent,
C# and JQuery using DDD and agile methodologies
• Puerto Experto (Social Network). Responsible for improving the user registration. That application was
developed using PHP, Smarty, Xajax and MySql.

septiembre de 2006 - enero de 2010 (3 años 5 meses)
• CMS Mobile: Worked on solutions design, functional and non-functional requirements definition and data
models definition.
Worked with NHibernate, ASP.NET WebForms, SQLServer 2008, AJAX.NET
• Custom mobile web portals: Developed and maintained multiple mobile web portals.
Worked with ASP.NET Mobile, ADO.NET, SQLServer 2005

febrero de 2006 - septiembre de 2006 (8 meses)
• Pareto (CRM): Developed and maintained a web application.
Worked with ASP 3.0, VB6, AJAX, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MSSQL2000.

febrero de 2005 - marzo de 2006 (1 año 2 meses)
• Musimundo.com (e-commerce): Designed, developed and maintained the front-end and the back-end.
Worked with PHP, javascript, C#, XML, MySQL, MSSQL, .NET, DRM.

julio de 2004 - enero de 2005 (7 meses)
• Participated on the research and development of 3d components. Worked with Visual Studio C++ and

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