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To work in a company where people are passionate for what they do and prefer to work as a team. To learn and share new technologies and experiences, since this is the reason that motivates me to learn continuously.
- Work on SDK of Globo Player
- Two and a half years developing iOS (Objective­-C e Swift) games and applications.
- Owner and maintainer of some iOS libraries from OpenCraft Package (
- Advanced Knowledgment on: Solid, Clean code, OOP, TDD, MVC, MVVM.
- Development of iOS Apps for Business, Personal and Research.
- Advanced knowledgment with memory management and Auto Layout on iOS
- Experience with Continuous Delivery using Fabric, Crashlytics, Fastlane, Xcode Server and BitRise.
- Work with some VCS like GitHub, BitBucket, SourceSafe.
- Six years working with Agile software development.
- Advanced English.
- GitFlow experience to manage the flow of VCS
- Code Review and Pull request experiences.
- Create Rest Service with NodeJs or PHP/Laravel. Services: Parse, Firebase and IBM BlueMix. Platforms: AWS and Heroku.
Historia laboral
* (Internet)

* ilegra (Tecnologia da informação e serviços): Developer of mobile applications(iOS and Android) for financial players.
Experience with Continuous Delivery with Fabric, Crashlytics and Fastlane.
Experience with Continuous Integration using Xcode Server and BitRise.

* BEPID: Development of Mobile, Watch and AppleTv applications using Swift and Objective-C.
Web Services creation using AWS, IBM BlueMix and Parse.
Use of Scrum and CBL (Challenge Based Learning) on all projects.
Use of Design Thinking on one project.

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