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Sobre mí
Passionate about Globalization and Industrial Production.

Passion drive us all.

Celebrating in 2014, 10 years of experience as Designer.
My professional career gave me the chance to step into different industries, being mainly responsible for product development, brand positioning, strategy and companies direction.

My main knowledge and experience help me to develope relationships with Chinese and Europe companies mainly adapting their products and marketing them into different world-wide markets.

As an Industrial Designer I´ve had the chance to travelled almost all over the world, visiting the most outgoing global companies and assisting mostly international automotive and fashion fairs.

All this background forced an professional behavior, based in highly standarts as:

+ Creative thinking
+ Strategic Thinking
+ Good Organization of working time
+ Persuasive
+ Strong technical domains
+ Good human relationships
+ Long-term vision
+ Teamworker
Historia laboral
CIO (Chief Innovation Officer) at DANKA Argentina

Creating possibilities.
Delivering Wonder into business results.

In today's hyper-networked world, customers increasingly look directly to each other for inspiration and guidance, and brand messages are now in the hands of the masses. In this new environment of radical transparency, brands must emotionally connect like never before.

At DANKA, we help our clients build these connections through authentic stories, signature innovations, and inspiring experiences that are rich, powerful, and lasting.

We belive in it! ... Where can your brand take you?

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