Sebastian P. freelancer experto en PHP, Tiendas virtuales (ecommerce), Magento, Web Services

Sebastian P.

Co-Founder & CTO at Lyracons - Software Producer

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Programación y Tecnología

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More than 10 years of experience in the IT industry, software development and implementation projects, expertise in several roles of the software life cycle. 6+ years working in nearshore development model, vast experience in this working environment using agile methods.

Strong background in systems construction, software development methodologies, quality assurance and team coordination.
Experience in major programming languages, programming paradigms, operating hardware and software.

I had lead and direct teams, helping them transforming and adopting agile methodologies, building high performance teams.
Historia laboral
* Lyracons (Information Technology and Services): Lyracons provides world-class solutions and top-performer teams and professionals to deliver and exceed our customer’s business goals. We rely on our vast experience delivering IT projects, nearshore or local, supported by our strong knowledge about software development processes, agile methodologies, strong collaboration with our customers and rock-star high talented employees.

CTO for BL-Labs

BL Labs is an exclusive Legal Business Unit for Brandlive company. As a devops service, Lyracons met with Brandlive to take and be in charge of all the application development resources and projects, for their e-commerce business.

Brandlive is leader on e-commerce solutions, using Magento Platform; specialized in developing e-business and digital marketing channels. Lyracons was selected to bring application solutions for all Brandlive's projects.

Therefore Lyracons is open to make deals with companies who want to focus in their business, and need Lyracons´ solution to provide an exclusive development application services.

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