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I am a passionate and avid writer. On-time, goal-focused and on-budget article delivery is my contribution to your business. I am a native Spanish speaker and a fluent English teacher with over 10 years of experience in the field. Effective communication and influential words are selected and intelligently printed on every one of your high-profile projects.
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My name is Arnaldo José Seijas Biel, I am 30 years old and I am based in Guayaquil, Ecuador.

Before I got my teaching degree from Universidad Pedagógica Experimental Libertador "Rafael Alberto Escobar Lara" back in 2010, I had started teaching English at ELTI, Venezuela. This was my first teaching position in 2006. Since, I have had sufficient experience to master the English language with high competence.

I have held numerous teaching positions at different institutions, working with ESL, ESP, and In-company teaching. I have hosted, produced and edited radio and TV Shows in Venezuela (4+ experience). Currently, I am taking a masters degree course in Spanish as a Second Language at Universidad Internacional Iberoamericana de Puerto Rico and I do freelancing as a translator. I also work for SAMTEC here in Ecuador (a company that offers different services to heavy transportation vehicles). 

I have been studying English since the age of 12 and my efforts to understand the language and acquire a respectable command of it have continued to this day, academically and professionally.  In 2008,  I held teaching positions at two public high schools and a private language teaching institution (John Smeaton Community College, Priesthorpe High School, and Leeds City Language Learning, respectively).

Most recently, I lived and worked in Dublin for 3 years. There, I finished a course on IELTS foundations (1-year preparation), and English for Life (a 2-year course). I took these courses at ECM College (European College of Management). At the time, I had a job at a KFC restaurant;  I escalated to a managerial position. Simultaneously, I worked at “Café Gerard’s & Deli” as a barista.

In 2016, I lived in the Netherlands for 6 months to further extend my background in English variations. At the same time I did volunteering for Villa Zilverlinde in Vorden (Eastern Netherlands).

Apart from my teaching background, I have developed myself in several areas. Some of them are CSS programming, HTML programming, JavaScript programming, and touristic hotel management. In 2010, I started working as a manager in Choroní; one of the top touristic destinations in Venezuela. I managed Hostal CasaGrande I, Hostal CasaGrande II, and Posada Los Cocos.

I am a keen reader and a passionate learner. I also love bouldering, lead climbing and I am married to adventure, travelling. I play chess and what I enjoy the most is helping people.

I hope this little introduction serves as the beginning of a quite satisfactory business relationship. I have all the credentials supporting these experiences and they will be available upon request.

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