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I am a translator who worked as a scientific advisor for 6 years in a dealer company.
One of my main activities in this company was the translation of graphic material related to life sciences (please check the list below), from english to brazilian portuguese
I am gratuated in Biology and after last job experience I started to work as a freelancer translator.
I am in contact with english since I was 14 years old and it became part of my day since then.
I love to learn new languagues and the culture involved, I am studying french now and I intend to study many others.

Professional attitude, deadline commitment and accurate translation are all part of my core work base.

Some translation experience activities:
- Translation of equipment manuals (e.g centrifuge, homogeneiser, refractometer, etc)
- Translation of technical data of culture medium (and also their Safety data sheet), cell culture  flask and other laboratory supplies.
- Translation of catalogs, papers and other data related to biological sciences.
- Translation of letters and e-mails from suppliers.
- General translation.
Historia laboral
Scientific Advisor | Equipar: Dealer of Laboratory and Hospital Equipment
January 2011 - March 2017
Main activities:

Translation of equipment manuals and various contents for laboratory products.
Testing and product inspection.
Preparation of quality procedures.
Technical support for customers and employees.
E-commerce platform update.

Genetics Laboratory | Catholic Pontificial University of Paraná
August 2003 - July 2006
Main activities:

Technical support in practical classroom.
Development of scientific projects.
Practices applied: Polymerase chain reaction, DNA extraction,
And eletrophoresis.

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