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Java, Android, Swift, SQLite, ORMLite, Retrofit, Google APIs, JSON, Openfire, XMPP, Struts, Hibernate, Spring, JavaScript, JSP, HTML, Servlet, Maven, MySQL, Oracle, Tomcat, Eclipse, Android Studio, Xcode, Git and SVN.
Historia laboral
Mowa - Mobile Wireless Applications - Brazil
Description: I worked similar a team leader (3 - 5 employees), then I helped them in their tasks and I was responsible to search new professionals. I made two applications by myself (Vivo My App, Mowa Messenger).
Technical Expertise: Java, Android, SQLite, ORMLite, Android Studio, Eclipse, Git, JSON, Openfire, XMPP, Hibernate, JavaScript, JSP, Servlet and HTML.

Position: Android Developer. (Aug. 2014 until Sep. 2015).
Activities performed:
•    Responsible for selection of new professionals to mobile development;
•    Responsible for the development of “Vivo My App” for Android;
•    Development of “Choice Connect” application for Android;
•    Responsible for analysis and development “Mowa Messenger” for Android.  Configuration of the server communication Openfire. I have created the Java API REST and web system;
•    Expertise in implementation of new features, maintenance on “Wedoo” application for Android.

LG CNS - Brazil
Description: I was the sole Android Developer then I made two applications by myself (Club LG and Store Data Management). When the application Club LG has been released in one week more than five thousands users made download and nowadays almost forty thousands people made download.
Technical Expertise: Java, Android, Oracle, SQLite, ORMLite, JSON, Openfire, XMPP, Eclipse, SVN, Hibernate, JavaScript, JSP, HTML, Servlet and Maven.

Position: Junior Android System Analyst. (Oct. 2013 until Aug. 2014).
Activities performed:
•    Responsible for analysis and development of applications “Club LG” and “Store Data Management” for Android and Java API REST;
•    Responsible for maintenance and implementation of new features for “Air Conditioning LG” for Android.

Position: Intern Android Developer. (Apr. 2013 until Oct. 2013).
Activities performed:
•    Responsible for development of “Store Data Management” for Android and Java API REST.

Stefanini IT Solutions - Brazil
Description: I made some new features in different projects and I helped another interns with their tasks.
Technical Expertise: Java, Android, MySQL, Oracle, HTML, Maven, SQLite, Spring, Servlet, JavaScript, JSP, Struts, Tomcat, Eclipse and SVN.

Position: Intern Java Web Developer. (May. 2011 until Feb. 2013).
Activities performed:
•    Implementation of new features, maintenance on existing features for Banco Votorantim, Santander and Intermédica.

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