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viridiana o.

Content Creator & Art Direction.

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Hello I am Viridiana Odeth and I Love to do Photography, Make Films, Mass Media &  Content Creator at different areas. I love to Write  Content for Blogs (Digital Blogger & Digital Journalist) that entretain and inspire also Im creative doing Video Blogs and I doing Interviews mostly about Cinema i combine this activity with photograhy . 
I´ve been working as  a Creative in  Audiovisual Projects also like giving tips, Ideas & directing  works & projects at  Video Edition, Animation, Cinema, Design, Photography,Motion Graphics,Stop Motion, Advertistment , Blogging, Social Media Managment.

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Absolute willingness in new projects and opportunities.
Also Freelance Work Worldwide.
Historia laboral
* Freelancer: Video Editor
script writer
art direction
content creator

* AppleHead Ink Workshop: Production and Postproduction of Audiovisuals.
Creative in Audiovisual Videos.
Development of Advertising Campaigns.
Photography and Camara Video
Support in videos Animation (Motion Graphics and Animation and 3D Design).
Creation of Logos and Corporative Identity
Social Media Manager.
Digital Blogger & Digital Journalist
Planning Projects

* Applehead Ink The Blog: Freelance Digital Blogger & Digital Journalist
Co-Creator of the Film and Animation Blog AppleHead Ink The Blog
Creation of Ideas and Design in Co ..
Freelance Blogger for this Blog Editor.
I have conducted interviews for this media uploaded to the youtube channel.
Comunity Manager.

* AppleHead Ink The Blog: Content creator
Digital Blogger
Creative Videos
script writer
Editing - Assembly
Link AppleHead Ink The Blog

* Freelance Photographer: If you have any Travel Photography,Street Photography,  Product Photography or Commercial Photography , Photojournalism or Any Other Kind of photography you would love i do for you Absolute willingness in new projects and opportunities.
Also Freelance Work Worldwide.

Take a Look to My Portafolio. I Know You Like My # Lets Work Together.  :

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Let`s Keep in Touch.

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