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Costa Rica

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3D animation and networking student, passionate towards technology, IT specialist focused on Solid State Drives and cloud services monitoring. Looking for a challenging career opportunity to enhance my experience in the technology field, especially on Linux system management. Enthusiastic, self-learner, multitasking person, passionate, hard worker, trust worthy employee and great team worker with high goals and looking for great opportunities.
Historia laboral

Working day and night to be able to pay for my studies, in the meantime, I take advantage of the experience of dealing with customers, improving my people skills and had to deal with emergencies and hard scenarios. Since it is a great touristic place, I have learned to apply bilingual customer service skills in a whole different area such as food services. I was able to demonstrate responsibility to my employer by working under longer schedules under pressure with heavy loads of customers while keeping my studies up to date, it has been a motive to learn how to manage time in a better way.

Pub La Cali

Bar Manager
A great chance to develop leadership and accountability skills. I was responsible for coordinating with vendors and providers, keeping an eye on inventories and making sure supplies were delivered on time. I am in charge of staffing and facilities management, scheduling and accounts payable such as utilities. Overall, a great opportunity to learn more on administrative tasks.

Teleperformance CR, (Under contract of Intel)

Intel Tier 2 & 3 Support Specialist    
This position helped me stronger my skill in the wireless connectivity fields, and thanks to its back office nature has also improved my, grammar, written and email composing soft skills. Working with a different product and a specific target audience made of this position a challenging but fun experience.
Also improved my experience on fast ticket resolution, and escalation handling due to the urgency of server availability, certificate validation and server monitoring to ensure a continuous service to the business unit. It has also proven my cooperation with other teams in order to deliver a faster case resolution and improve my team work for issue resolution. Cloud services experience, it's been a great addition to the things I wanted to learn. This position has inspired me and motivated me to expand my knowledge in the technology field.
I was able to get promoted twice in a single year, which made the experience more challenging, but I was also able to prove myself, I can adapt quickly and learn about different products, line of business and process really fast.
 Web Services Outsourcing
Back Office Executive    
Online job in telemarketing and customer satisfaction surveys for several web services recollecting information and offering online services. This encouraged me to improve my email redacting and exploiting communication abilities and greatly enhanced typing skills. This position, and home working, required me to give an extra mile on responsibility, and arranging my own schedule to get the required tasks completed successfully

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