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I define myself as a person who wishes to perform in a work area in which to implement all the knowledge acquired and to acquire new knowledge, always giving maximum performance in the area to work.
Historia laboral
Nov 2015 – Actually                          Nokia Solutions and networks
Buenos Aires, Argentina                    Radio Access Engineer

Functions: -Integration LTE, 3G & GSM
-Expansions HW and SW Nokia.
-Commissioning, integration of FlexiMulti Nokia.
-Management of KPIs and collection of logs.
-mcBSC and mcRNC.
-Others functions.
Sept 2015 – Nov 2015                      CIS GROUP LAT
Buenos Aires, Argentina                    Quality Engineer

Functions: -creation of control paths.
-Post-process drive test.
-Indoor measurements and optimizations.
-Technical support for equipment NEMO and Dingli.
-Management Navigator Actix tool.

Sept 2014 – Sept 2015                      Hi-Qual (Claro Argentina)
Buenos Aires, Argentina                  RF Engineer (Network Quality)

Functions: - Verification and acceptance of new sites GSM / UMTS / LTE NOKIA, Swap System & RF Module, GSM Flexi/Multi Swap, Swap antenna, installation and operation RET, expansion of branches / Carrier UMTS.
- Control Network performance AMBA.
- Optimization of parameters (Tilt, Propagation, Licenses, TCell, HSDPA, HSUPA, Schedulers, Local Cell Group, CPICH, load balancing, others.).
- Analysis and Post-Process of Drive Test.
- Optimization and reassignment WICAP.
- Verification of indoor sites.
- Creation of control paths.

Other functions: Managment Actix Analyzer, Pilot Navegator, MapInfo Pro 12.5, NEMO Indoor/Outdoor, SwissQual Benchmarker, NetAct NOKIA GSM / UMTS / LTE, SON, COPS, Arieso and others visualization tools and optimization of CLARO AMBA.

Jul 2012 – Aug 2014                          ITTACA CORP C.A.
Caracas, Venezuela                            RF Engineer

Functions: - Project DIR 2014(Despliegue Inteligente de la Red/Intelligent Network deployment), Analysis of Network Status UMTS (RLFail, Attenuation, CNBAP, Iub Use, Users HSDPA, CE Use, Card Using UMPT/WMPT/WBBP). 
- Creating and monitoring plans (New Cells, Critical Market, Overlay 2G & 3G, TRX `s Expansion Cards (UMPT / WBBP / UTRP) Expansion of IUB and other plans for the optimization of the network).
- Application resources for new cells (DataFill 2G/3G, Station ID, Node ID y Cell ID).
- RF DataBase Management for New Cells.
- Rehoming of BSC in Caracas.
- Design of indoor sites.

Other Skills: - Management tool M2000 Huawei, Nokia NetAct, Wind Catcher, SIP +, RF DataBase for Monitoring RNC and BSC
- Physical Optimization (Orientation and Tilt Elec / Mechanical) and logic nodes (CE, IUB Codes, Neighborhoods, Propagation, LAC, CNBAP, RLFail, Other).
- Creating Macros for performing Rehoming of BSC in Gran Caracas, DIR Project Using CE and Other plans carried out.
- Initial search new sites, failures care coverage complaints, Handling Handy (Scanner Telephone).

Mar 2012 – Jul 2012                              MOVILMAX C.A.
Caracas, Venezuela                                NOC Engineer

Functions: - Check the operation of the installed equipment (Router, Swith, links)
- Support to other departments for the installation, upgrade, maintenance, migration and support equipment, using testing internal network.
- Provide technical support to equipment technology CISCO, HUAWEI, D-LINK (Setup, support and Troblesoothing).
- Making Backup of the complete network (Router, Switch and links).
- Ensure the correct functioning of the Radio WiMax technology bases.

Jul 2011 – Feb 2012                      Huawei Technologies Venezuela
Caracas, Venezuela                        Specialist NOC (DTH) Movistar TV Digital

Functions: - Control (Switches and backs) and Maintenance (Audio / Video).
- Reports, Troubleshooting, participation in the implementation of the new platform with links EP / RX Satellite / Signal Open.
- Monitoring Movistar Digital TV with Video Streaming TV Mobile platform.

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