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Matias L. Se necesitan llamar a 10.000 empresas de hosteleria de México Yesterday
Jetzael A. R. Proof Reading a presentation 27 days ago +
Private client Private project Last month +

"Projeto por hora em andamento"

Private client Private project Last month +

"Ongoing hourly project"

Lucimara T. Agenda visitas Chile 2 months ago +
Dave B. Suporte administrativo - Asistente general muy proactiva y organizada con buen ingles y experiencia en Workana 2 months ago +

"Projeto por hora em andamento"

Private client Private project 2 months ago +

"She s professional, detail oriented and does amazing work.  I will be contacting her again for upcoming work."

Educat. Research sobre opciones de retiro de dinero en varios países 2 months ago +

"Sarah es super recomendable y fluida en la comunicación."

Educat. Direct Payment for Sarah C. 3 months ago +
Vera L. Escrever Ebook - How to find a dream job 4 months ago +
WE P. Pharmaceutical Market Researcher- Investigador Mercado Farmacéutico 5 months ago +

"Projeto por hora em andamento"

Vera L. Apostila Inglês para Entrevistas (2 projetos - 1 dicas para entrevistas, outro apostila para ensinar) 5 months ago +

"Sarah did a great job! Very happy with her! I hope to work with her soon!"

Private client Private project 5 months ago +
Traducciones I. Es > En or It >En translation of website and blog posts 5 months ago +

"Sarah delivered her job on time and was very sensitive to our feedback and overall happiness with her work. she made sure we were 100% satisfied with her job and she was available to us even on a Sunday!"

Private client Private project 5 months ago +
About me
Young professional graduate from Southern California (2009). Past general services manager in the cargo shipping industry that has morphed into a full freelancer! Resident of Santiago, Chile for the last 6 years. Bilingual (English/Spanish). Experience providing customer service to international clientele. Flexible to your time-zone and schedule. Has successfully served clients in Brazil, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Boston, Miami, Las Vegas and Chile! Has a secret passion for education through Wikipedia. Por favor no dude en contactarme en caso de cualquier consulta en castellano o inglés, gracias!
Work history
Santiago, Chile 2010-2015

Fulltime or In-Office Positions:
Sociedad Maritima S.A. - General Services Manager (2011-2014)
Brandabout International Wine Marketing - Web Editor 2011

Freelance Positions:
EOLAS International Marketing - Consumer Goods Researcher
Studio 8- Content Translation (Spanish to English)
Clickworker - Creating Keyword Content for Groupon
GTT - Telephone Service Testing
BARE International - Report Editor
International Service Check - Customer Service Reviews
Helion Research - Customer Service Reviews
Canback Dangel - Market Research (Santiago, Chile)

Non-Profit Experience (Chile):
Assistant Secretary to Board of Directors - Soc Medica (2015 - Staff )
Secretary on Board of Directors - Wikimedia CL (2015 - Volunteer)
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