2d Artist for Mobile Games

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We are looking for a 2D artist that can help us create icons, title, screenshots, logos and promotional images for our FPS mobile games, which are minecraft pixelated style.

The job consists on creating an icon and promotional images for our games but we are looking for someone highly talented that can create cool and pretty images without too many instructions. We would like someone that can impress us with their talents, not just someone than can do the job and also that is an avid gamer.

We love 3D icons or at least icons that have enough deepness, shadows & reflects so that they look 3D.

Also we are looking for someone that can work in North American time, to be available for specific scheduld meetings and that has good spoken and written English.

Here are some examples of our games:


If you are interested in this position please bid with samples of your work and/or portfolio.

Thank you!

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