Angularjs user management and menu

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Web: User management, authorization and menu

I have a simple web that has a back end on Spring MVC and a Front End in AngularJS.

I need to be able to create user, groups, I need to assign rights to the groups, another user will validate the users and groups to make them active.

These rights will allow the users to see certain menus, the menus are currently hardcoded, they need to be dynamic, also the menus will send you to an embedded object, this exist, but the parameters are hardcoded need to be dynamic.

The Java application is based on Spring Boot, it is self contained, also you don't need a database, the required objects can be mocked on the Controllers.

I will provide the working application that starts with spring MVC and have a Maven pom to load all the dependencies required, also the working web based on AngularJS.

You need to deliver:

1. User Creation page. (ID, Name, Surname, email, status, groups, entities, these last two are many to many properties.)
- Only the user with rights to create users will be able to see this page.
2. User Validation.
- A newly created user has a inactive status, another different user with User Validation Rights will be able to change the User status to active.
- Also consider that a user can have group view only,edition, deletion permissions and this functionality must work accordingly, show and hiding the relevatan buttons.
3. Change the current hardcoded menu to Dynamic Menu based on the model and not on hardcoded pages.
- Creating a new menu on the model, will create a new right to be assigned to the group.
- A right assigned to a group that is active to view it, will allow the logged user to see this menu.
- The menu will be a link (it is already), that will open a frame with some embedded object, the parameters need to come from the model in the backend instead of the current hardcoded values.
4. Group view/creation/update/delete
- Rights will be in the model, they can be of type View/Create/Update/Delete
- A group will have a number of rights that can be selected and of the types mentioned above.
5. Group Validation.
- The same functionality of validation is required for Groups, a user with Group validation permissions will need to validate.
- Also consider that a user can have group view only, edition, deletion permissions and this functionality must work accordingly, show and hiding the relevant buttons.

You need to be proficient on AngularJS mainly, the Java part is minimal mostly provided and I can help you with this.

The code needs to be clean, with proper naming for variables, structure and formatting.

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