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I need to find APP in my site through of Apple Store API.
Please, see the image attached.
The user will choose if wants iPhone APP or Ipad APP and type something and my site needs to have auto complete and show all Apps from Apple Store with the name typed.

I think this is an API: https://www.apple.com/itunes/affiliates/resources/documentation/itunes-store-web-service-search-api.html

country = br

entity = software OR iPadSoftware (depends on the case if the user choose iphone = software and iPad = iPadSoftware)

limit = 200

After that, when the user choose the APP this system have to show of the APP:
- Screenshots
- Icon
- Link to the Artist (artistViewUrl)
- Supported Devices
- Advisories
- User Rating Count For Current Version (userRatingCountForCurrentVersion)
- track Censored Name (trackCensoredName)
- languageCodesISO2A
- sellerUrl
- contentAdvisoryRating
- averageUserRatingForCurrentVersion
- trackViewUrl
- trackContentRating
- currency
- version
- artistName
- genres
- price
- description
- releaseDate
- sellerName
- bundleId
- trackName
- trackId
- primaryGenreName
- releaseNotes
- formattedPrice
- minimumOsVersion
- userRatingCount
- averageUserRating

I don't need to data base only show me on screen without layout too.
I need this ONLY in C#, Jquery And JavaScript, my client will homologate the code and If you use any external library will not be accepted!


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