Art Illustration with Motion or Gif Illustration

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We are a small, self-funding startup. We are developing a smartphone application that encrypts mobile phone calls. The target user is a professional that has a legal duty to protect the privacy of clients/patients/customers (i.e., legal professionals, medical professionals/providers, and financial services providers/banks/lenders/accountants/insurance) and a businessperson/private individual that wants to protect their ideas and business/personal info from competitors/foreign entities.

As the saying goes...a picture is worth a thousand words. We like the feel of illustrations, we want to humanize the website and tell a compelling story that whets the appetite of the viewer. It would be good to begin branding the company/product as well.

The article that has the retro-vibe illustrations/animations is:

The attached document has the basic info that will be there interspersed with a few

Let me know if you have any questions. I looking forward to hearing your feedback.

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