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Chat Enem

Published on the August 26, 2023 in IT & Programming

About this project


Chat ENEM is a Artificial Intelligence powered chat-room like web application created on Ruby on Rails and runs its rooms and messages with assistance of Stimulus and Turbo. Each chat room is a question from ENEM (the Brazilian national exam) and is objective is to students study by interacting with each question.

Project overview

We need to be developed a few minor features using Stimulus and/or Turbo; (a) persistent scroll, (b) filters by Subcategory of a Room (Category) (b) tags/buttons to insert pre-defined text on the message form.

Category IT & Programming
Subcategory Web development
What is the scope of the project? Small change or bug
Is this a project or a position? Project
I currently have I have specifications
Required availability As needed
Roles needed Developer

Delivery term: September 01, 2023

Skills needed