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Hi I bought an WPLMS theme on CodeCanyon.

This theme is a Learning Management System which allow users to create courses and offer them for free, paid, private or distributed via coupon or license.

I want the same but with QUIZZES/TESTS and not COURSES.

We do not offer courses so basically the main thing to do is to modify that point of view or focus of the theme from courses to quizzes or tests.

This theme work with several plugin for specific tasks:

- BuddyPress : For Members, Groups, Messaging, Directories .
- BBPress : For Forums used in the theme.
- WooCommerce : For selling products which in turn activate course.
- Vibe Course Module : Link for Courses and BuddyPress .
- Vibe Custom types : The backend of LMS in WP Admin area.
- Vibe Shortcodes : All the shortcodes used in the theme.
- WPLMS Assignments : For assignments functionality .
- WPLMS Front End : For front end course creation and the front end editor.
- WPLMS Dashboard : For Dashboards for Instructors and Students .
- WPLMS Events : For Course Events.

Today we have a prototype of our project and it's being tested by over 150 users with pretty good response but we need to move forward for a more reliable and scalable platform.

On our prototype the user can only take tests from our iOS app but with the redo of our backend and platform using this theme we want to include the possibility that the user can take a test from any browser.

At the Developer Documentation you can see all the Filters and Hooks, so you can see from the checklist of features that we need to have, how many of them are there and how many need a tweak or be developed.

As developer I review and I will say that about 85% of the features are developed and about 15% must be developed or tweak for our propuse.

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