Diseño mecánico 3d - Caja electrónica moldeada por inyección

Published on the July 04, 2017 in Engineering & Manufacturing

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We are working on a new product design for trailer tracking applications.  The device will typically be mounted on top of trailers of various types (reefers, tankers, curtain-siders, iso-containers etc.) And must therefore be robust, weatherproof, compact and offer flexible mounting options.  Initially, we are seeking  concepts for the design in terms of appearance, cable entry solution, assembly, sealing and mounting.  The successful design will be:
Aesthetically pleasing, whilst not having the appearance of a consumer product, it should project an appealing image of high quality and robust/rugged construction and an automotive look. 
2.    Low profile formats are preferable, because they are more discreet and also less susceptible to damage from overhanging branches etc.
The device should ideally sit close to the vehicle structure with a minimum height dimension.
3.    Fast and simple to assemble.  The battery and pcb assembly should be mounted in the same part (half) of the enclosure to avoid any awkward assembly procedures due to the interconnections between battery and pcba in separate parts of the enclosure.  There will be interconnecting cabling as below:
From connector to PCBA
b.    From PCBA to battery
4.    Reliable IP68 sealing (we prefer over-moulded seals to separate/loose seals)
Provision for a single cable entry (or connector), based on an 9 way multicore cable, individual conductor size 22-24awg and out sheath diameter 5.8mm
6.    rf transparent (low attenuation of rf signals from 800mhz to 3.0GHz)
7.    Internal mounting provision for a PCB assembly (approx.
60 x 60mm) and a lithium-ion battery based on 8 x 18650 cells (approx. Dimensions 144 x 18 x 65mm)
8.    Compatible with injection mould tooling and production in volumes of 10k pieces per annum
Relatively low-cost (without appearing to be ‘cheap’)
The enclosure concept may influence the design of the internals, PCB, battery and connector / cabling, so those are not defined at this stage.  Please don't ask about specific dimensions etc. Because we don't yet know them!  We are seeking a concept only at this stage.

The concept should be sufficiently detailed to demonstrate internal mounting of PCBA and battery, cabling/interconnect, sealing and assembly.

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