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Looking for a Professional with experience in msword formating and html/kindle e-book conversion.
I am having trouble to convert correctly a msword document to kindle mobi format.
The problem is: when i convert it, using MS Word 2013, to filtered HTML Page and convert it to mobi using kindle gen, the kindle reader (e-ink/paperwhite) shows somes likes verticalized.
The job is: FIX/Reformat (retype?) the document in a way the exported mobi file doesn't shows verticalized lines, in kindle previewer
(E-ink device)
maybe this is a very simples job for who has experience in it. Maybe less then 1h you got it done, if you had the required experience.
Tip: I know this is a cheap project, because even a ms word novice could do it, by doing the following steps:
CTRL + C in all text
CTRL + V in notepad
CTRL + C in notepad
CTRL + V in a new ms word document
reformating the new ms word document. Recreating the styles, bold, italic, text alignment.
Testing it in Kindle e-ink (but if you dont know how to do that, tell me that i can test here if the job worked - for taht, test only wih the two chapters attached here)
Here goes two chapters attached with the realted issue.
See if you can solve the problem. If yes, post your proposal. The freelancer choosen will have the 13 other e-book chapters for fixing too (another project, with proporcional price)
I have one ebook, with 15 chapters. The chapters length are like these two attached here.
Thank you.






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