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Se trata de desarrollar una página WEB que Dashboards que se conecten con una API. Se busca experiencia con Java Script y HTML5.

We are building a real time analytics web page that connects with an API that we will provide. The web page will consist mainly of dashboards and text that will be personalized for the user. The project consists in building (based on a template) a front end interface.
Dashboard setup (a AngularJS dashboard will be provided)

- We will be using a Python (Flask) based web framework Flask. This framework uses Jinja for templating and content passing into the HTML5 code, so basic knowledge of the framework is neccesary. The plain HTML5/CSS3 and Javascript code from the Dashboard template should be adapted for Flask/Jinja. Dev time: 1 week

Front End development

- First steps will include implementation of login, setting up a user configuration menu and a basic preferences setup panel. We will be developing a first version of a javascript library that will be used for connecting to our backend API. This backend will be performing every action that the frontend requires. Dev time: 2 weeks
- This project requires some experience in Angular and SocketIO, since we will be updating content in realtime. This section of our first development stage is related with the main results interface from our client account. Here is where the frontend will be showing all results from the crawling and scraping backend system (which is performed in real time). Dev time: 4 weeks

Debugging and deployment

- The final section will be code debugging and final deployment to our servers. We will be using Bitbucket for versioning during all our development process and our servers at Linode for testing. Dev time: 1 week
Total development time: 2 month.
Technologies: HTML5, Angular, Flask/Jinja, SocketIO

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