Given a song, put stock or google images representing what the song says.

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This is for a kids dance festival.
3 Teens are taking a trip to Israel.. and their parents want them to write home..
One by email one by texting and one to write in the diary.. there are in total 4 songs.. (same music each time) that will be the audio of this video..
What the song says is what the kids are writing in the diary or texting or writing the email..
Each time they sing.. it should start with the typing.. etc.. and then images..
They speak about the Land of Israel, they see flags waving, they meet people,
they go hiking.. etc.. if you have a knowledge of Israel this will help..
It is sometimes funny sometimes emotional. these short songs 1min each.. go in between dances and it is almost like the story line of the show..
I hope this is clear.

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