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The old way of publishing a camera
In the past, many webmasters have used a simpler solution and they want to continue using it: instead of embedding a full-blown Camera Viewer in an iframe, they want to embed a snapshot image in a web page, then use a script to automatically refresh the image snapshot every few seconds. This does not support camera playback feature. However, if the goal is to just let other users see the real-time scene, then this is a very elegant solution. CameraFTP supports this feature. To do so, please make sure your camera is uploading image snapshots and not video clips. You still need to publish the camera first, then use the following static URL to get the latest image from the IP camera / webcam:
Where XXX and YYY should be the same as in your camera’s Publish URL. Please see the screenshot below:

To make the image automatically refresh, you need to write a script. A simple example is provided below:

For best performance, CameraFTP may cache images for up to 1 minute. So it is normal if the image does not update within 1 minute. If you must refresh the image at a higher frequency, it is recommended using our regular Publish URL.

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