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Published on the September 05, 2019 in Engineering & Manufacturing

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Behavior of Vehicle Fitted with limiter

The expected behavior of a vehicle where a road speed limiter had been fitted.
When the speed limiter is installed and activated the device will log into gprs and gps network. When the connection is successful the dashboard mounted unit will blink green (gps) and red (gsm) every second.

When the vehicle reaches the calibrated speed (80kph), it is expected to maintain or in some cases reduce the speed. Depending on the type of vehicle, the speed limiting action may be smooth(unnoticeable) or noticeable in some cases.

Driving tips for vehicle with speed limiter

Driving tips for a vehicle where road speed limiter had been installed.
Be aware of the two types of buzzer sounds. When the vehicle is about 76 Km/h there will be a pre warning buzzer,that means you are almost at the maximum speed of 80 KM/H.

A second buzzer will automatically kick in once you are at maximum speed. This buzzer is more continuous. The vehicle should be driven carefully when going downhill and avoid freewheeling; this is because the vehicle has an in-built real-time satellite tracking and will send violation report to the relevant authorities.

The device should be connected to a monitoring server that tracks in real-time the device operations. Once the device has a malfunction the server will activate the device service mode and you will be required to drive to the nearest service center. Our customer care agents will contact the vehicle’s owner to correct any malfunction.

The device should have speed limiting automated selftest systems. Once our systems receive an error alert, our customer care agents will contact the vehicle’s owner to direct them to the nearest fitting center.

Any form of tampering will result the device entering into a limp mode. The vehicle will drive at a
maximum speed of 40kph. A report of the cause will be sent to the user email for action.

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