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This was used to capture our first customers and will be the backbone of the new content for this website.

Proyect is a multi-channel health communication platform providing data-driven insights on pro-client messaging to ultimately help pros/institutions keep large volumes of clients engaged with their health plans and scale their personalised health operations.


As this is a new B2B route, we need to adopt “best practices for B2B” websites such as:

(Jo, it would be good for us to brainstorm together tools/tactics that we can use on the website to attract more interest and engage the visitor straight away. I REALLY love and perhaps we can think of something similar which gets the businesses/professionals to think of how they can be using their time/effort on messaging/data collection more efficiently)

Page Layout:

We will be releasing 2 offerings/options and each will need their own page/section:

For individual Professionals

For Businesses/clinics/institutions

Both will be quite similar apart from the pricing model and the ability for the 2nd to also have an “owner” view, in which they can monitor/track the performances of each professional working for their business.

We also need a strong about us section:

Who are the main stake holders
Our affiliation to Imperial college data science institute
Our overall mission: “We are a data-driven personalised health communication platform helping health professionals and partners deliver high quality, super personalised healthcare to large volumes of people” (or something along those lines!)
Main Content Themes:

Introduction to the “problem”
The importance of providing personalised care (this is what clients want…)
The power of data insights/analytics in healthcare
The problems with scaling a personalised health business
Why direct 1-1 communication is important and difficult to scale

Introduction to the “Solution”

Multi-channel communication platform allowing you to aggregate comms from all top channels for marketing-healthcare provision including WA, SMS, Email, FB, Twitter
Tracking of custom parameters and setting automated template messages
Powerful data insights (sentiment analyses, predictive scoring, augmented reality, photographic recognition etc.)

-> Interpret, manage and analyse service critical data from social messaging and improve outcomes
-> Boost client engagement with their care plan and allow them to be managed remotely using the communication modality of their choice
-> Integrate social messaging in such a way that enhance and improve client care and remove all complexity involved

(We will need to design a sexy product screen to be the showcase of this “solution” section plus also be used on the product itself)


2-3 tiers based on number of clients/health professionals using the product
Addition of AI “plug ins” to enhance data capturing and analyses

Success Stories/Testimonials:

The Tennis Academy/LTA
Steve Green Fitness
Simplyweight/London Obesity Clinic
Hypoxi weight loss clinic
Ergotec Rehab clinic
The Bicycle Society
The WholeLife Clinic

(Once we have decided on structure/layout/content for this, I can get whatever we need from each)

Calls to action:

Need a powerful CTA statement at the beginning to get people engaged/interested
How it works
Get started

Examples of data tracking communication software:

We currently use to allow for rapid front end content changes and split testing.

What are your thoughts on this?

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