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We need a new Logo for a Lawyer Company based in São José dos Campos. The name is "Walter Cunha Advocacia". The web-site is www.waltercunha.com.br and we work with

Public Law
Mainly tax, administrative and constitutional law.

Judicial Dispute
Representation of judicial proceedings in the Federal, State and Municipal spheres, providing a personal follow-up in all instances, including presentation of memorials and delivering oral arguments before the Courts of Justice and the Federal Regional Courts throughout the country, particularly in the Superior Court and the Supreme Court. Outstanding performance in leading cases of tax issues and the conducting of claims for indemnification against the Government for losses caused to individuals as a result of economic plans, pricing policy, restrictions on foreign trade, among others.

Administrative Litigation
Representation of administrative procedures in Federal, State and Municipal Spheres, with differentiated performance, including the presentation of memorials and the delivery of oral arguments, in the administrative courts of second instance, particularly in the Court of Taxes and Fees (TIT-SP) and the Board of Tax Appeals (current name of the Board of Contributors of the Ministry of Finance).

Analysis of questions related to Public Law as a whole, by providing counseling and legal opinions with regard to preventive practices, definition of strategies relevant to ongoing legal proceedings and tax planning.

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Subcategoria: Logo Design

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