Migracion de adult video script 1.1.3 a 3.1 y creacion de bridge entre scripts

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We are needing a fully migration of the script adult video script from 1.1.3 (that we actually have) to 3.1 including the HD support (you've to check that all server plugins are corrently installed and configured) and the installation of a custom video player (nuevoplayer) that we provide in a zip (already modified for installing it in avs).

It is very important to migrate the files and databases and make sure that everything work ok (videos,photo,comments,etc) without loosing any information, this includes all the videos, photos, members, etc (the only that we're not going to migrate is the template, we will use the default one included in avs 3.1).

Create a full site bridge (and install / modify the scripts to let it work with the bridge) between several scripts that includes AVS, vbulletin, cometchat, wordpress, prestashop, phpdolphin, flynax escorts directory script with an unique profile edit page (to apply an avatar for all the scripts and share some ccommon settings like birthdate, gender, email, etc).

There must be default user group id per all the script and also a premium profile with features in all scripts. (since if not every new user could post/edit/etc in all the scripts).

These membership classes must be editable in an admin panel (could be in the main script AVS or just a new admin panel to let the admin use create user, modify, ban, suspend, activate, create membership groups, edit permissions (can upload videos, create vbulletin threads, etc).

Cometchat will be required to be ALWAYS showing in all the webpages / scripts (and also connected with the main profile) so the user could send receive messages no matter in the page of our site that they are.

Its important that the site FULLY WORKS so it must be tested in all ways to ensure that its working good without problems or glitches.



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Otros roles necesarios: PHP, mysql, scripting, centos
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