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Programmatic Media - Youtube ads

Published on the April 29, 2023 in Sales & Marketing

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I have a direct response marketing operation and I use YT ads inside dv360 to run my ads and it's all very simple: a good video ads that leads to an offer, a purchase page and the conversion trigger on the thank you page. Nothing more than that, that's the complete structure.

It's a simple affiliate marketer structure. When I make a sale and the conversion is computed within dv360 I receive my sales commission. Tracking is a major pillar of my operation.

The more "purchase event" triggers by the line item, the more it optimizes and delivers results... And this is where I've been having problems with the dv360.

My sales are not being trigger at all - as a Cpa Target goal (this causes the platform to stop running the line items because it understands that it is not delivery the goal that I asked to - doesn't know it's selling because doesn't have the conversion tag checked).

I'm looking for programmatic media buyer expert who can running this type of campaign and has experience on how to run YT ads campaigns inside the dv360!

Category Sales & Marketing
Subcategory Advertising on Google, Facebook
What do you need? Medium-sized campaigns
Is this a project or a position? Project
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