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Proposal Report: Axial Loading behavior of Tri-tubular conical energy absorber

Published on the August 20, 2020 in Engineering & Manufacturing

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In this project, Tri-tubular conical energy absorber will be designed, fabricated and tested under axial compression loading. Aluminum and glass/epoxy materials with one natural fiber/epoxy material will be used to fabricate cones and tubes of a different design arrangements. In addition to the tri-tubular conical energy absorber components, axial loading will be performed on bi-tubular cone-tube and single tube and cone components.
Maximum Height and minimum diameter of the energy absorber components will be 120 mm and 56 mm respectively. Effects of cone and tube design parameters, material used and cone semi apical angle on the axial compression load-displacement relation and on the specific energy absorption will be drawn and discussed for all the tested tube and cone arrangements. In addition, maximum crush force efficiency and stroke efficiency will be determined and discussed.
Crashworthiness analysis with final comparison will be performed on the results obtained from all the tested cone.

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Delivery term: August 31, 2020

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