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Remote Freelancer • Frontend Developer (Bootstrap + Vue/Nuxt.js)

Published on the July 10, 2018 in Design & Multimedia

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Hi, I am Luis, CTO at MKTi.

MKTi is a Digital Marketing Agency in México. We need someone to help us code websites for our customers.

The websites that you will be coding have the most common structure for a small and medium sized business; the websites will have between 4 a 10 pages each with sections such as: Home, About Us, Services, Products, etc.

Mkti will provide everything you need to start coding so you won’t be distracted by design and ui/ux tasks.

We will provide you with:
- An Adobe XD Mockup (High-fidelity prototype of the website to be coded)
- Branding files: Logos and color palette ( jpg, png, svg, hex )
- Images, Icons, and Photographies ( jpg, png, svg )

Your job as a freelancer will be to turn the Mockup and assets into a fully coded, optimized and publishable website.

Technologies that you must use:
- sass / scss
- a popular frontend development framework (we prefer bootstrap or materialize)
- an automation/compiling tool such as gulp or grunt. (We prefer Nuxt.js)
- On-site SEO: code minification, image cropping, file compression, meta tagging, few http requests / dependencies.
- Your code must be clear and self-containing so we can edit it if required.

**if you develop sites using nuxt.Js and bootstrap.Css you have higher chances of being chosen**

you will be paid in a per-project basis. The amount will depend on the number of pages to be coded. You will be paid extra if we require you to code more complex or extensive Javascript.

* A 10% bonus will be given is the site is delivered before the established deadline.

You will be in contact with MKTi’s team and you must send your progress every Monday and Thursday for review. But since we provide a Mockup we expect the revisions to be minimal.

If you are interested please contact us and attach your portfolio using this platform, or by sending me an email.

Best regards,
Luis Luna

Category Design & Multimedia
Subcategory Web design
What do you need? Create a new custom design
Is this a project or a position? Project
Required availability As needed

Delivery term: July 20, 2018

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