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Smart Quiz for Website

Published on the July 20, 2021 in IT & Programming

About this project


We run an immigration law firm and we need to have a quiz designed for a WordPress website to see all the possible status of our potential clients. None of the plugins meet our exact specifications. We currently have a quiz implemented using a plugin, but it doesn’t allow for branching/conditional questions and several other things.
Quiz requirements:
1. One question per page. Questions should have several variants: multiple choice, radio button, text box.
Optional: file upload.
2. Branching: except for the first question, each subsequent question should appear on the answer provided in the previous question by the quiz-taker. For example, if the user answers “A” in question 1, they should get a question that’s different from the one that appears if they answer “B”. We want this branching logic be primarily based on what answer the user ticks in multiple choice or radio button type of questions.

3. Additionally, if the previous question is multiple choice, and the user selects 2 options, the subsequent questions should be based on both choices they selected. So, if they select “A” they get question “X” next, if they select “B” they get question “Y” next, and if they select both “A” and “B”, they should next get question “X” followed by a question “Y”. Contact form at the end of the quiz: email, phone number, name (email and name as required fields)
The quiz results and the contact information should be stored in the database, from where we could query the results.
5. Quiz results should be emailed to the quiz-taker and to us.
6. At the end of the quiz results should appear based on the answers provided.
7. Results should depend on the number of points accumulated throughout the quiz, as such there should be an option to assign points based on what the quiz-taker selects.
8. There will be around 5-6 different results, so at the end of the quiz the users will receive a message on the website with their results as well as an email with the same results. We should also be able to receive these emails with the results and the contact information.
9. Optional?: The quiz should be able to be pasted in wherever on the website with a shortcode.

Goal: the quiz should be able to provide results to the quiz-takers without manual grading on our end, hence the requirements.

Our website: www.mipasaportepolaco.com

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Subcategory Web development
What is the scope of the project? Medium-sized change
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