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Updating Magento Ecommerse site, programing

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Currently have a site,
The product has been around for 2.5 years, and the look was changed in November of 2013, We have a couple of house cleaning to do,,
matching data to reports on Magento
pull info from old magento to new magento via (some program.) Email contacts
add coupons/promo code on the website.
Secure magneto setup by re-doing originial set-up for security/correction file permissions
ssl from go daddy
hire media temple to run/instal consistently
update and make active , info, return, promotion, media pages
more details about this project:
* requirements: i am looking for a magento programer who can work on this project from start to finish in a short period of time, knows all aspects of magento and can also make it so i can add my own images to media pages and promotions
* new/existing project: changes to an existing one
* objective of the site: e-commerce
* psd to html / design required: design and layout
* additional comments: i like the current design, we just deed to program all the pages to work and add security
change fail2ban emails from one designer to me.
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Craig M.
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