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We are currently developing a SCI-Fi themed video game, we are on a early stage so we need Concept Art We are looking for skilled illustrators who can show us their amazing SCI FI Illustrations We require the following concept art and prototyping:

1- Female Artificial Intelligence hologram entity Visually something like the Red Queen, but good and kind, she is a wise old "Grandmother"

2- Male energy entity
Similar to a wisp from WarCraft or Dota, he is an old entity and is supposed to be a dying god, his ethereal face looks like Odin from Viking Myth

3- Male diabolic entity
Something like diablo but ethereal, he doesn't have a body, you just can see him through his ethereal diablolic face, also he is supposed to to turn from evil to funny like Satan in Southpark

4- StarFox like humanoid
He is a cyborg, parts of his body are made of metal but with a Fox head, a sarcastic character like "The Zorro" when fighting, ***now... this is a nasty hidden trick, but I need to know if you read have read this far, so when you write your bid / milestone put Cosmicrafts as main title ;)

5- Horror god H.P. Lovecraft style'Thun.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20160406234009 This entity is something like C'thun or Kthulu, has tentacles and it is horrifying

6- Evil Robot He is like a decepticon, he can change form and has no feelings

7-Female energy entity Same as last wisp but in female and young

Spaceships For this art we have technical specifications We require a Top, Side, and Front view perspective for each

Right now we have prototyped 12 spaceships,

Background / Scenario The main theme is space, so we are looking for asteroid belts, planet with moons environment, nebulae, supernovae, galaxies and so on We will provide you a fast draft with the exact characteristics we are looking for, the rest is up to your creativity and we would love if you can show us that you have better ideas than ours So this is not still a long term job, but we are aiming for it

Let's go happy biddings!

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