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Published on the December 26, 2015 in Design & Multimedia

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Necesitamos un EQUIPO profesional que pueda ayudarnos a crear una página en Wordpress para un producto que maneja una preventa y posteriormente el carrito de compras personalizable en Woocommerce, es necesario integrar pagos con Paypal y Stripe para tarjetas de crédito.

El sitio se va a basar en este:

EL arte y textos los proporcionamos nosotros conforme se vayan requiriendo, son dos productos los que se van a promover, mostrar y vender:

1. Una batería pre-cargada
2. Cables USB de alta velocidad

Es necesario que el diseño sea capaz de mostrar las características de ambos.

Actualmente contamos con una página de donde vamos a migrar la info, hay que crear las secciones para este nuevo sitio con este diseño limpio.

La parte más importante es el carrito, y requiere las siguientes especificaciones (lo pongo en Inglés porque el contenido es en Inglés):

Hi, we need a TEAM capable of creating a whole new cart for us, we already have one but it isn´t good enough for conversions. What we need is a team that can create this new cart within 3 days, if you have 24/7 support is a huge PLUS as we are based in Latin America.

Expected delivery time is super important and it is just the cart, so please only offer if you can deliver on time. This is what we need:

1. Go to that´s what we have in mind, we just need to customize a bit in order to fit our product and this is the one:

If you go to "Pre-Order" you will be able to see the actual cart.

So we need something more like this: we need to eliminate the 5 pictures per product that we feature now and to only leave one; front view plugged into a phone and when user clicks on a different color, only the battery changes color and stays on that position, image to be used will be like the one attached to the project.

We have models for iPhone and Android so we need to add a drop down menu or icons for people to select their system, when they do so, the phone in the image will change but dimensions should be the same for the batteries.

So we need to use the iPod cart as the base for the development and then add our own elements like:

*20 colors per each system
*2 Systems Andorid/iPhone
*Users should be able to buy up to 6 units, no more
*Possibility to have discounts, like for the next 15 days let´s say 30% off
*If user buy 1 unit shipping would be $10 usd but for any order over $35, shipping should be free.
*We have a list of available countries and must be shown with a popup.
*Another popup to show a galley with 5 pics showing the product and its dimensions (like the one for the ipod but in a smaller popup)
*Extremely important, must be 100% responsive as most of our users access via Mobile.
*Added items to the cart should be shown in the same screen not a side bar appearing every time like now (just try it).
*For the product display, you will need to edit the images and to make sure that they stay in the same position when customers are changing in between colors and systems (attached image).

The cart is going to be located right here so we can generate traffic from our Landing Pages:

As I already said, we are putting down the old cart and we are creating a new one under these requirements and must be connected to our checkout system that´s working fine.

TEAMS will be preferred over individuals unless you can secure constant support and on time delivery.

Entonces, fase uno del proyecto:

1. Diseño web y carrito de compras - 15 días.
2. Insertar diferentes idiomas para el site (7 en total) 20 días.

Por favor ofertar solo si cuentan con la capacidad organizacional para entregar en tiempo, no es complicado ya que la info existe, el arte se va a proveer y es cuestión de adaptar un theme a WP, lo más laborioso sería el carrito pero con Woocommerce no debe de haber complicación, saludos!


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Delivery term: January 05, 2016

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