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Assignment about Identity Project for Degree in Mass Comm.

Published on the November 06, 2019 in Writing & Translation

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CMS2008 Subjectivities, Self and Communication
Assignment 2 Outline
Identity Project
This task asks you to draw from all modules in CMS2008 to undertake a major analysis of the ways
identity is mediated via popular culture. Part of this will include an analysis of your own identity
location and how it is that the media and popular culture address you.
The focus for this task is on understanding how the media and popular culture go about formulating
representations of identity that subjectivise and interpellate.

A further consideration of how the media
and popular culture exert influence as expressions of global media are also required.
After identifying the array of media that you encounter, undertake a comprehensive analysis of the
effects this media has in shaping your identity. This task asks you to come to terms with how the media
you engage with shapes your sense of Self.

Accordingly, theoretical references from all modules from this course are required as part of your
analysis. It is vital that you demonstrate your understanding of these materials, and can apply the
concepts and theory that these Modules outline when undertaking your analysis.
Structure of this Assignment
This task is organised according to the following structure:
Section 1: Consider the media and popular culture that you
engage with on a daily basis.

This consideration of your media
consumption should include the obvious- media forms like social
media, television and music- but might also include the less obvious
media that infiltrate everyday life- a roadside billboard, junk-mail or
even a coffee-shop loyalty card.
Select two (2) examples of these media forms that you engage-with
and outline a brief summary of the nature of these examples. Your
response to this section of the Assignment should be to outline a clear sense
of the selected examples, how they function as media and what role they play
as expressions of popular culture.

The point here is to be specific. For example, if you selected ‘social media’,
identify a specific social media site or page. If ‘popular music’ is selected, identify a specific artist or
music clip.

The more detailed your example, the more refined your analysis will be in the following
• How do these examples function as popular culture (Module 1 and Module 2)?
• How do they go about representing the world (Module 3)?
• What stereotypes associate with these examples (Module 3)?
You might include images, links to example sites and similar multi-media material in your response.
(500 words)
Your task in this first section is to identify and define two (2) selected media examples.

that this example should be one that you use and engage with regularly.
Section 2: Undertake an analysis, using theory from all modules in the course to theorise the
effects these examples have on your identity. As outlined in Module 1, popular culture and the media
exert certain influences over how we understand and see ourselves- that is they ‘ascribe’ certain
representations of the world and of you.

What this section of the analysis should do is
explore how the examples go about socialising,
subjectivising and interpellating you in certain
ways. To do this, you might explore the ways that
representations and stereotypes are cast via the
examples you identify, and how race, class and
gender identities are presented as normalised
expressions of identity.
• How does your identity ‘fit’ within these examples?
• How are you addressed as part of this?
• Are these influences immediate and dominant, or more subtle?
The purpose of this section is for you to demonstrate your understanding of the theory
and key concepts derived from the entire course.

Without reference and application of this
theory and concepts, it will not be possible to complete this assignment satisfactorily. Your
analysis needs to follow closely the ideas outlined in the Module Guides and Readings from
all modules.
(1500 Words)
Section 3: As a conclusion for this project, consider now the impact that your examples have as
expressions of a wider media landscape.

Do your examples have impact as expressions of a ‘global
media’ formation, or are they more locally focussed? Think laterally here- even your local coffee shop
loyalty card might have a wide global reach. How then do these examples draw on cultural cues and
logics from wider global points of reference to then present a view of the world that is directed toward
Material from Module 6 will be particularly relevant to this section, but again, you should also
use material from the earlier sections to theorise your argument. The point of this section is to
consider how the media and popular culture you engage with draws from wider social contexts.

(1000 Words)
Format and Presentation
Your response to this task should take the form of an essay, but can include images, links to video and
audio in order to illustrate your selected identity position. You are encouraged to use sub-headings and
sections as you require, however, attention should be given to ensuring that each part of this assignment
is clearly responded to. Sub-headings that identify Section 1, Section 2 and Section 3 should provide a
minimum of the structure utilised in this task.

As an essay, formal academic writing style should be adhered to, however use of first person language
(“I feel that…”; “In my view..”) Is acceptable.
References must be applied where cited material is included, with in-text and List of References citations
required in either APA or Harvard format.
A Note on Scholarship
As a second-year course, we encourage you to demonstrate your burgeoning mastery of academic
scholarship in this task.

We expect a sophisticated level of argumentation and analysis, as well as
demonstration of your capacity to organise and structure this essay. Your response to this task should
also be underpinned by close analytic reading of the course materials, and use of further reference
material as required to formulate your argument.
You will, for example, need to draw on material beyond this course to support the analysis of those
identity characteristics you uncover in your analysis.

Reference material dealing with identity generally,
and more specifically, the representation of Self, and the way that media representations of gender and
sexuality, race and ethnicity, class and social positioning, age and ability function should be sought.
Word Limit: 3000 words (+/- 300 words)
Weighting: 60% of total course marks
Format: Formal academic essay, with use of images, video and audio material as
Referencing Style: Harvard or APA
References: References from across the course modules are required, in conjunction with
further academic references as determined by you. Evidence of meaningful
engagement with the scholarly literature will enhance chances for a stronger

Marking Criteria
Section 1
Has a clear articulation of the selected media
examples been outlined?
Has a sense of how these examples are defined by
popular culture been offered?
Section 2
Does the analysis provide a compelling argument
for how a dominant sense of identity from these
media examples emerge?
Has a suitable range of theory and reference
material been drawn upon to support the analysis?
Has this material been referenced appropriately?
Section 3
Does the analysis provide a compelling argument
for how these media examples function on a
global scale?
Has a suitable range of theory and reference
material been drawn upon to support the
analysis? Has this material been referenced
Total /100

Category Writing & Translation
Subcategory Article writing
How many words? Between 1,000 and 5,000 words
Is this a project or a position? Project
Required availability As needed

Deadline: Not specified

Skills needed

Article Writing Copywriting Creative Writing

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