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Published on the February 12, 2018 in Design & Multimedia

About this project

USD 250 - 500

Your Name:
-    Jose Alexandrowicz

What is the official name of your website?:
-    This product doesn´t have a web site yet.

Tell us about your Project. And business?:

- I need software apparence not the institutional

-    This is a new product that combine the data of clients that visit the mall, use vehicle patent like key entry data. This data is enrich with unique (demographic and more) data (the most important things is the geographical data and the geo-insights that can bring to the clients), this data should be used to a better understanding of the clientes, segmentation, targeting, analytics and direct marketing, finding deep insights about the costumers (consumers).
Using the example of the same logical pattern we used in our last work, “MiEntorno”, the value of geographical data is the core atribute that we want to show to our potencial clients.
-    The users of this products (we will sell it like a SaaS) are mainly business divisions like marketing and comercial managers and analysts in shopping centers (Malls) chains and strip centers.
-    This product should give to clients different insight for decision making in terms of marketing and comercial issues with a big geo-visualization atribute that allow to reflect the numbers in a map and make geo-analysis in it.

Do you have a website currently? (please provide a url):
-    We dont have one now but the framework should be “Business Intelligence Parking”

Please tell us about target audiences & market of the site?:
-    The users of this products (we will sell it like a SaaS) are Shoping centers (malls), in “solitary mode” or like chains of malls and strip centers

What feeling(s) should your design convey?:
-    The idea is a modern and technological design, with a very easy and intuitive user interface, having all the modern concepts of the ux and ui, also the design must anticipate the possibles mistakes of the user giving instructions and examples self-explanatory.

-    About the feelings, we want to create the “wow effect” in ours users/clients, also we want to create a self-selling design visualization that make an impresion of the most advance bi platform, additionally we want to allow shopping centers a dicision making from the platform information, being on the first line of the managing command.

Provide examples of at least 2 web designs you like and tell me what you like about them:
-    https://sitezeus.com/#the-olympus-data-exchange, how they sell the idea and simple visualization.

-    https://mailchimp.com/, the Hi-tech visualization.

Provide examples of at least 1 design you dislike and tell me what you dislike about them:
-    Anything that doesn’t show the value of the product, doesn´t understand the users or look like old.

List 3-4 keywords that describe your business:
-    Geo-insights
-    Unique Data
-    Deep understanding
-    Consumers analysis

Please provide your logo or any brand guidelines (if any):
-    We don’t have yet.

Please list some key Compititors:
-    https://www.parkassist.com/solutions/software-extensions/park-insights/

Please provide scope of project. (Ex: navigational elements and number of pages needed):
-    The scope is a desing and the ux and ui for the product.
-    The main pages are: Home page, initial Dashboard, Leakage clients, permanence analysis, spending potencial analysis, direct marketing and campaigns.
-    Navigable, intuitive, reflecting the dashboar info into the map where yo should be allow to make analysis on it, defining polygons, zone of interest, geogrphical reach, among others.
-    On the platform you whold be allow to design direct marketing campaigns with pre-defined options or cutomizing the campaigns in terms of target and “time window” for direct contact to consumers via sms or email.

Any additional Notes:
-    Please tell us if you need further description of functionalities, elements, pages or attractiveness of the platform.

Look https://xd.adobe.com/view/dd641d9a-e7b6-446f-b0f8-015caca1eb62?fullscreen for a general idea...

Category Design & Multimedia
Subcategory Other
Project size Large
Is this a project or a position? Project
Required availability As needed

Delivery term: Not specified

Skills needed

Graphic Design Marketing Strategy Creative & Talent User Interface User Experience Design

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