Short, Innovative, Multi-Use animation for the video clip of a Rock-Pop song recorded by an independent and starting Brazilian singer/composer (son of an English mother and of a Brazilian father)

Published on the April 10, 2013 in Design & Multimedia

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Deliverable: Short, INNOVATIVE, multi-use animation for the video clip of a rock-pop song recorded by an independent and starting Brazilian singer/composer (son of an English mother and of a Brazilian father).

One video used creatively for multiple song tracks

when one has a small budget creativity must be explored. In this case this single video, with a few adjustments, could be used for more than one song track. As you will see the idea is one of an innovative connection between all the songs.

As illustrated in the attachment (see slide no. 1) Each song has a respective fourteen second “image” (see slide nos. 2 to 13).

The video must portray all of these images in a sequence (see slide no. 14) with their respective durations. The video of these images must be as follows:

•    The transformation of one image into the other must occur in different ways, with different and surprising effects (bouncing, squeezing, jumping, being tele-transported, flying away, etc.

Explore your CREATIVITY!)

•    In all images makes sure the three objects (two different sized side by side spheres and a bar) are always similar enough throughout the video for the viewer to realise that they are the “same objects” being used differently.

•    Create a more sophisticated and detailed image of the home made-amateur example I made on power point. All images must have depth.

•    Use the object proportions you find best (but don’t forget to leave the three objects similar enough throughout the video for the viewer to recognise them and realise the “connection”).

•    If you have any other ideas of song images using these objects, feel free to invent however, check it with me before including it in the project.

Colour scheme for the “images”:

•    The starting image, whcih will last 10 seconds, will always be black and white (whenever I say black and white I include shades of grey!).

•    The song images, which will always last about 14 seconds, will always be black and white except for the “image” of the respective song that is in the audio of the video.

•    The ending image, which duration will vary depending on song lenght, will always be coloured.

•    Therefore, each video will only have two coloured parts, the one for the image of the respective song and the final one. This project is for the track “I Believe” therefore only the person in the horizon “image” and the final “image” must be coloured.

•    Use the colours you feel are best for the song and ending image (the rest is “black and white”).

•    The actual colouring of the images must also be done with special and innovative effects (for example, filling up the objects as if a wine glass was being filled or as if the objects were dipped in paint, etc. Explore your CREATIVITY!)

Do you want another innovative surprise? the scenery of the video you are creating must be an entirely black and white room (with no details but black line borders as in the amateur drawn slide no. 15).

In this room, that has depth, are three attractions:

•    (i) a vintage tube TV on a wooden stool. The images described above must be played in sequence on the vintage tv screen (the main effects of your video will be played on this tv therefore it must be of a perfectly visible size). It is a video within a video!

•    (ii) a window with an urban view, and on the other side of the street is a wall where the lyrics will be painted on as they are sung.

The writing, that will be replaced as the song proceeds, should have a font that resembles “rough” and inaccurate manual painting. A single and “natural” colour must be used for these lyrics, it must be a colour that appears on the I BELIEVE image. The window must be opened by itself at the very start of the song and closed at the very end (before the the vintage TV is turned off).

•    (Iii) a pair of trainers, casually and carelessly left by someone who has just taken them off, are in the room and the song name is printed on the sole (if needs be use the sole of both trainers).

ENDING: And for the final surprise, after all the video has been played and the song has ended there must be a zoom out effect at which point it must become clear to viewer that all of the black and white room scenery was itself being played on a vintage tv screen which is set in a white space (see slide no. 17). This TV is then turned off by a mysterious hand and the video ends.


Try and make the video similar (in terms of outer rough/moving lines and colour effects for the objects) as in the videos below. However, no real images (photos) should be exhibited in the video, they must all be “drawings”.

general observations

•    i will send the lyrics and audio once i approve your initial image prototypes.

•    In order to help you with the video “personality” I tell you that all the songs recorded have their character and message although they are all of rock/pop/funk style. However to help you anticipate video style I tell you that the musical arrangements resemble, in a very broad way, music recorded by Oasis, Phil Collins and Jamiroquai.

•    The video delivered must be 100% ready to be widely reproduced (on Youtube, Facebook, big LED TVs, computers (Macs and PCs), iPods/iPhones, etc. You name it!) with the respective audio integrated to it.

•    Desirable deadline: 30/May/2013 (date when the website , and the final songs edits, will be ready to go live, worldwide!).
Growth potential

•    your name/website and contacts will be visualised by all of those who:
- watch the video clip on the web
- access max blue’s website

•    if the video is sucessful i will request you to use the same video for the remaining nine tracks, at which point the only the following basic adjustments will have to be done: (i) remove the colour for the “i believe” image and add it for the new audio track final “image” (ii) replace the lyrics displayed on the wall (iii) change the song name on the sole of the trainers (and possible change the shoe model depending the song’s message/vibe). We will have to agree on a price for the additional videos before sealing the deal for the first video.

•    There are other opportunities that could be explored:
- art
- newsletter layout
- album cover
- ...the sky is the limit

Category Design & Multimedia

Deadline: Not specified

Skills needed

Facebook YouTube Animation Music 3d

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