Site migration from Drupal 7 to Drupal 9

Published on the May 06, 2021 in Design & Multimedia

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Dear Edwin,
I work with Gabriel Henrique de Lima Munguba. You replied to him offering us assistance. We would very happy to accept it.

We have a scientific website which was written in Drupal 7 a long time ago. Since you indicated to Gabriel that Drupal 7 will reach end-of-life by next year, we would like the following:
a) Migration of our whole website and subdomains to the latest Drupal 9.
B) Installation of Drupal 9 in our web host.
C) Support and help on creating a new site in a new subdomain of this website.
I will have to handle this personally with you because of payment processes.

This is a scientific and non-profit website - so, we do not have too much financial flexibility. But, from your e-mail, I imagine we will be able to do business with you.
We would like you to examine our website and its existing subdomains, in order to see if you could accept a payment of about US$100 for the migration of the existing site.
Everything working nicely, then your assistance on helping us build the next site could be discussed.
For your assessment, here are the URLs of our website:
We anxiously await your reply to this e-mail.
After that migration, we would like to have your help and support on eventual problems that would happen as we proceed to update the site with new info. Payment for this support would occur in an as needed basis, in addition to the initial one corresponding to the first migration.
Thank you very much for offereing to help us.
We hope we will start a long lasting professional relationship.
Alfredo Simas

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