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I have been working in the area of ​​sales and customer service for a couple of years. Always guiding those people to choose the best option according to what really makes them happy. Because we all know that many times we do not know what we want, even when we have it in front of us, do not we? Until someone shows us the way and boom! Instant happiness, open wallets! That was my job, it was not the best thing in the world, but I was good at it.

As soon as it is an area that I learned and grew up with many people, I discovered that it was not what really made me happy. Because at the end of the day, working is a fundamental need, not only for the fact of making money, paying bills and being up to date. But also mental health, feel useful and productive.

But what was it that I really wanted?

I wanted to be able to continue learning and evolving to something better, not only economically but mentally. Leave my mark on the world and share new experiences with other people, which my previous work had already reached the top where I could continue. So despite my years, I decided to throw myself in the water, and leave the comfort zone. This is how I started my adventure towards programming. From this moment I go for the bases Html5, css, javascript, node.js, mysql, even though my main interest is the backend, I also focus on frontend.

I know it's a long road, but I do not regret having made this decision and I'm looking into the future with a smile from side to side, full of possibilities and new people to meet.
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